From time to time, we receive feedback about our pricing from clients, especially those who are visitors to our beautiful island.  We wanted to provide some background that might help visitors understand some of the unique factors that impact the cost of “doing business in paradise”:

  • Hawaii is one of the most remote land masses in the world.  Because of this, everything in the salon must be imported from the mainland by sea or air.  Every bottle of nail polish, every chair or curling iron - literally everything was brought here from somewhere else.  There are costs associated to this that mainland salons do not face.

  • The state of Hawaii imposes unique expenses on businesses here.  For instance, we must provide health insurance for all staff who work more than 20 hours per week.  (Hawaii is the only state that requires this.)  Also we must pay sales tax on all business-to-business transactions - a cost which most states do not share.

  • We do not skimp on your experience or safety.  We want every aspect of your experience to be “the best” - from your complimentary lilikoi mimosa, to long-lasting CND nail polish, to the disposable liners that we use with each pedicure.  Our operators are all highly trained and licensed, and we invest in ongoing education. 

  • Our prices are very competitive, especially for the Kohala resort area in which we are located.  While we are located in the most upscale area of the Big Island, and at one of the top shopping centers, we are definitely not the most expensive salon in the area.  But we ARE the only ELLE Magazine Top 100 salon on the Big Island, and in fact, in the entire state of Hawaii! 

  • We always offer specials and promotions, from monthly specials to our ongoing kamaaina program.  Check here for the latest offers.

We hope that you find this information helpful in understanding how the business environment here may differ from your salon back home.  If cost is a concern, we are happy to refer you to other salons that prioritize pricing over experience. Thank you for your feedback and we look forward to making your island visit memorable and beautiful!